2014-2017: Syrians and Congolese

In the frame of the European resettlement programme, Belgium committed to proceed with the resettlement of 100 refugees on its territory in 2014, 300 refugees in 2015, 550 in 2016 and 1.150 in 2017. 

On the basis of the priorities of the UNHCR and the European Union, Belgium resettled, in 2014, 75 Syrians fleeing the fighting in Syria, as well as 25 Congolese refugees from the Great Lakes region. In 2015 it was 225 Syrian refugees and 75 Congolese refugees. 

In 2016, 452 refugees were received in Belgium (448 Syrian refugees and 4 Congolese refugees), including 102 Syrians under the EU-Turkey agreement.

In 2017 (until 4 September), 776 refugees were resettled in Belgium. They are Syrians coming from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.