Congolese refugees

Selection of refugees

At the end of January 2015, the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS) was in Burundi to select 88 Congolese refugees – a number of whom still fall within the 2014 national quota – for resettlement in our country. The selection was carried out based on the files that had been nominated by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The selected refugees' language is either Swahili or Kirundi. The majority originate from the South Kivu province (Democratic Republic of the Congo). That is where they fled from between 2001 and 2006 because of the violence. Since then, they have been living in refugee camps in Burundi. Although the Burundese camps are well equipped and have their own schools, most refugees have a low level of education.

After the selection, the refugees will undergo an initial medical screening by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM will also organise their journey, in partnership with Fedasil and the Belgian Embassy in Burundi. 

Arrival of refugees

The Congolese refugees arrived in Belgium in November. The Congolese were first accomodated in the reception centres managed by Fedasil, before moving to a private housing provided by a Public Social Welfare Centre.