Story of Syrians - Youssef

Youssef is 30 years old and single. He ran a restaurant in Syria for about 15 years. His speciality was kebab. He lived together with his father and brother.

Istanbul, November 2014

When the conflict started in Syria his family's house was bombed. His father and brother were killed when the building collapsed, but Youssef was rescued alive from the ruins.

It was at that moment that Youssef decided to leave his country for good: "About a year ago I said farewell to my country, it was impossible to stay there, I had to leave. Together with some friends I found somewhere to stay in Kilis, a Turkish town at the border. After 3 months I moved on to the city of Istanbul, hoping to find work and a better future there."

© Fedasil

In Istanbul Youssef was quick to find work in a kebab restaurant. As accommodation is very expensive he shares a small apartment with one of his friends. Recently he lost his job and he can't cover his expenses any more. He can't wait for his transfer to Belgium. Since meeting the staff from Fedasil, Youssef is more positive about his future. What does he wish for most of all? To find a little restaurant to be able to use his skills once again.