Resettlement of refugees in Belgium

Across the world, many refugees do not benefit from satisfactory integration into their host country. They are sometimes compelled to stay in camps, are often denied access to employment, and even the protection from which they benefit is occasionally inadequate. Hence the reason for resettlement projects.

Since 2009, Belgium has regularly contributed to resettlement projects, working with the European Union and the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency. In addition to asylum, it also organises the transfer of a certain number of refugees in order to give them the right to stay in Belgium and help to integrate them into society.


  • (15.02.2017) Every year, Belgium takes in increasing numbers of vulnerable refugees for resettlement. These refugees are mainly Syrians.
  • (17.08.2016) In 2016, 232 refugees, all Syrian, have already been received in Belgium as part of the resettlement programme. Prior to their departure and up to their settlement, they are supported by various stakeholders.

Information portal on Syrian refugees (UNHCR)